Congestion Relief Schemes

MERAKI has been involved with Highways England for over 15 years developing highway improvement schemes to reduce congestion on the trunk road network. The majority of this work was done through Managing Agent and Asset Support Contracts.

MERAKI has developed a large number of traffic signal related improvement schemes with over £100 million in schemes successfully developed and constructed.

The schemes include detailed studies to develop the options prior to bidding and detailed design. As part of the studies not just congestion and traffic flows are examined but safety as well. The schemes also include safety improvements which are included into the scheme to help Highways England achieve collision reduction targets.

The schemes currently designed can include the following elements:

  • Localised widening
  • Traffic signals
  • MOVA
  • Improved pedestrian facilities
  • Road markings
  • Signing

MERAKI also works with local authorities which include North Yorkshire County Council to introduce junction improvements in Harrogate and Scarborough to create additional capacity in the local road networks which will allow the construction of future developments increasing prosperity.

If you need to create capacity and reduce congestions whilst improving non-motorised movements then MERAKI can help please get in touch.