Pre-apps and Planning Submissions

MERAKI supports our clients with all planning applications by providing a complete service ranging from:

  • Road Safety Audit Reports
  • Highway standards and planning conditions
  • Transport assessments

Road Safety Audit

MERAKI has developed a reputation as experts in the field of Road Safety Audit and has carried out over 5000 Road Safety Audits for a diverse range of clients throughout the UK.

MERAKI has a team of four Road Safety Auditors, who are all fully qualified to meet Highways England requirements, as set out in DMRB GG119 (formerly HD 19/15). MERAKI auditors hold the HE approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit, enabling each team to carry out road safety audits on the UK Strategic Trunk Road and Motorway network and the Trans-European Road Network (TERN).

We can pretty much Audit anything.

Highways Standards and Planning Conditions

Most buildings-related highways issues either require an agreement with, or a licence from, the highway authority. Issues requiring an agreement usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Adoption of new highways built as part of a development – section 38 agreements.
  • Changes to existing highways at the cost of the developer – section 278 agreements.
  • Vehicle crossover & permanent access works – section 184 agreements.
  • Planning Obligation – section 106

Obligations can be direct monetary compensation, payment for other expenses or payment directly by the developer for the provision of something required by the obligation. They may also include ongoing maintenance payments.

There are numerous others that a developer may come across in the course of a project and these can fall under various acts such as the Town & Country Planning Act, the Highways Act (1980) the Private Street Works Code, Stopping Up orders, Footpath Diversion Orders, Definitive Map Modification Orders, etc. We have extensive experience in these matters.

We provide assistance, comments and advice to clients when negotiating the terms of such items as may reasonably be incorporated into such an agreement. Where specific issues are raised, we can recommend appropriate legal expertise.

Transport Assessment, Statements and Notes

We can provide Highways Statements and Transport Assessments for all types and sizes of projects. For smaller schemes that do not meet the threshold criteria for a full statement we offer a bespoke Highways and Transport report that deals comprehensively with all aspects of the scheme proposals. We have an extremely high success rate in achieved planning permissions where clients have used our reports to support smaller schemes.

Our transport assessments are prepared to align with relevant national, regional and local planning policy and guidance, typically including the following:

  • Scoping study
  • Accessibility audit
  • Policy review
  • Junction/network capacity assessments
  • Identification of impacts and subsequent mitigation measures
  • Transport implementation strategies
  • following submission of the transport assessment we provide extensive advice on the subsequent negotiation of any Section 106 or Section 278 Agreements
  • expert witness at appeals and public inquiries.

If there is anything we can do to help with your development please get in touch for a no obligation consultation.