Development Control / Design / Management

Development management is the process of pro-actively managing development in a local area to achieve the local planning vision and objectives. It has an emphasis on the pre-application stage and delivering sustainable development, and includes the principles of ‘place-shaping' as recommended by the Lyons Inquiry into local government, ‘Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government’ published in 2007.

The introduction of development management was an attempt to change the culture of planning from the previous process of ‘development control’.

Development control was considered to place too much emphasis on processing and controlling planning applications and using enforcement powers. This was seen as a negative process that was reactive rather than proactive. Development management is intended to be more customer-focussed, positive, proactive and inclusive, developing problem-solving partnerships and delivering development that enhances social, economic and environmental conditions.

MERAKI has been undertaking technical reviews for a number of local authorities over the last 25 years. Our experts have detailed knowledge and prepare reports on behalf of the LA to complement the LA’s own experience.

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